Boston driverless car start-up adopts Nvidia DRIVE technology

Equipped with this technology, Optimus Ride will be able to build the world’s first fully-driverless (level 4) fleet service for geofenced deployments.

The DRIVE Xavier platform is capable of delivering 30 trillion operations per second and offers new deep learning and computer vision accelerators.

In turn, this technology offers unprecedented computational power to Optimus Ride’s self-driving vehicles.

Optimus Ride CEO and co-founder Ryan Chin said that, “with this level of insight and responsiveness, we’ll be able to introduce fully autonomous services in our deployment regions by the end of the year.”

The new Xavier model will be used in all Optimus Ride vehicles currently deployed in both Boston’s Seaport District and the Union Point Smart City development in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

The technology will also be incorporated into additional Optimus Ride vehicles deployed at new sites to be announced later this year,