One-board dev kit has three snap-off 8pin STM8 Microcontrollers

The board, called STM8-SO8-DISCO, includes

STM8S001J3M3 (1kbyte ram, 128byte data eeprom) 16bit timers with three comparator outputs, three capture-compare channels, a 10bit ADC, and an 8bit timer.
STM8L001J3M3 (1.5kbyte ram, 2kbyte data eeprom) is a low-power variant (consumes 0.3µA in halt mode) and includes 8bit and 16bit timers, and two comparators.
STM8L050J3M3 (1kbyte ram, 128byte data eeprom) is a low-power variant and has a 12bit ADC and 4channel DMA controller.
There is a single button and indicator LED for interacting with the board, then ST’s STLINK/V2 and a USB port handle in-circuit debugging and programming from a connected PC.

The MCUs are soldered onto individual snap-off sections of the board (see photo) and each has an 8pin DIL pattrn of pins underneath to allow it to plug into an application. Even after they have been snapped off, there is a DIL socket on-board for re-programming.

Each chip has a 16MHz STM8 core with 8kbyte of flash.

System-control features include watchdog, clock control, UART, SPI, fast I2C and up to six user I/Os.

Device peripherals can be demonstrated in stand-alone mode using software pre-loaded into flash on the STM8S001J3M3 (check here for details) – the latest versions of the demonstration source code and associated documentation can be downloaded.

Applications for the MCUs are expected in industrial sensors, home-automation, smart lighting, access cards, battery chargers, or smart printer cartridges.