Seminar tour aimed at developers of IoT nodes with proper security

They are based around Microchip’s SAML10 and SAML11 microcontrollers, which are themselves built around Arm’s Cortex-M23 cores with Arm’s TrustZone secure hardware.

“We’ll show you how to develop secure applications,” said Future. “Attendees to the workshops will benefit by gaining a deeper understanding of the SAM L10 and SAM L11 families. We will show you how to develop secure applications with Cortex-M23 TrustZone enabled devices.”

Guided hands-on exercises are included, including exploring a programmable environment providing hardware isolation between certified libraries, IP and application codes.

“You can build an application with robust security including chip-level tamper resistance, secure boot and secure key storage, ultimately enabling a solution designed to protect your application from both remote and physical attacks,” claimed Microchip.